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AT Equipment and Services GmbH
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In order to set the prerequisites for a successful project we analyze all mass and material balances involved in your processes in close cooperation with your process engineers. 

We at ATe-s see ourselves as project coordinator and hub for the entire electrical engineering as well as the measuring and control technology of your project.


Starting with the integration of all the various parts included in your project we then coordinate the engineering of all mechatronics parts such as volumetric metering and weighing equipment with your plant manufacturers and mechanical engineers.

During basic engineering, which focuses on elaborating the most advantageous economical and technical concepts for your plant, we specify all energy hubs and optimized wiring and piping which is then executed in close cooperation with your plant designer.


We have developed our own P3Config-System software to provide you with efficient and detailed planning for your system configurations.

From your flowcharts our software enables us to generate all the necessary specifications for motors, actuators and sensors which are implemented in your plant. 

If you wish we can also integrate interfaces to existing parts of your plant and also include interfaces to other manufacturing plants of your company.


P3Config-System software supports fully automatic technical documentation of

  • Wiring diagrams
  • Cable diagrams
  • Cable lists
  • Order lists
  • Hook-up documentation
  • Lists for device tags
  • Lists for cable specifications
  • Commissioning reports
  • Software patterns for program source codes